The MSc Study Program developed under [CDAE - Agroecology] project is focused on the issue of the agriculturally used landscape with the intention of sustainable development, including the complex application of the concept of agroecology in landscape-ecological contexts, as well as water issues in agroecosystems, landscaping and soil protection with overlap into the practical and application sphere. The graduates of the program will be able to properly manage the agricultural landscape, design its appropriate agro-ecological optimization and identification of environmental and ethical contexts of planned and implemented interventions in this landscape. The Agroecology master study program will be also orientated on issues related to landscape character assessment, higher levels of hydrological and pedological data processing, including preparation of procedures and proposals for more complex projects, as well as identification of problems and possible solutions when using another type of cultural landscape (rural landscape) and choosing suitable research methods and their application in agricultural and project practice, including consulting.

To evaluate the delivery of the study programme and allow future improvement, information must be gathered on several levels and all stakeholders must contribute their opinions and feedback. Thus, here you can find the questionnaires for the feedback of the students and of the teachers of the master programme.